I learned that the whole event took up not much place. But just because Taliban took him to Pakistan, the US got much harder to find him. Comparing Afghanistan and Pakistan, it sounds like, Pakistan has more population and more resources. In Pakistan, Bowe said there are villages nearby, and after he escapes, there are kids, villagers, and grass, water, sheep etc. While in Afghanistan, at least the place he came from, it only has rocks and desserts. Also, based on the radio, it may not hard to across border between these two countries.

What annoying me is the fact that even the US officers already know that Bowe is in Pakistan, they still force the US soldiers to continue searching. I doubt the US army just as the issue as an excuse to get more information about Afghanistan, and people do the toughest job are the US soldiers who in Afghanistan.

After research, I understand that the US would send an army to Afghanistan is because the Taliban government used to protect Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist organization. But I’m still confused about the relationship between the terrorist organization and Taliban. Also, how could the US have rights to interfere other countries’ politics issue if it was not approved by the UN? Even though there was Nine Eleven, I do not think overthrow Taliban is a solution. Besides, I still have not figure out why the US army still in Afghanistan? When will the US withdraw the troop? Bowe did not talk about “the fail leadership” in this episode neither.

For Bowe, though this episode may try to rebuild his image as an indomitable and smart soldier, I still hold my first impression of him. All the things, for example, hide the key, calculate how to escape, and tell lies toward Taliban when they record the video, are all the things he learned as a captive. When he gets out, he “can’t recall how the Big Dipper relates to the North Star”. He seems do not know some basic skills to survive in the wildness. I don’t know whether the US army teaches them, but I think they should.

One thing so far makes me do not like the radio is that it is still too “US”. Although they interviewed people in Taliban, it lacks some general background and the view of Afghanistan and Pakistan: how the two governments’ response, how the common people there influenced by this issue, and what Bowe’s families did at that time. From my point of view, they still have not provided enough background for me to connect very pieces I know with logic.

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