HIS207-Final Project

“A Failed Muslim Nation-State”

I took a HIS207 class during the third year. The final project of the class is to talk about an historical event related to Middle East. I choose a historical period of Xinjiang when it was independed at a nation. I think this class makes me understand more about different interpretations of a single historical event, and explore the interrelations between single events. As for this project, I am thinking about doing some research about Middle East and China, and eventually I choose to write about a period of time of Xinjiang. This project really makes me interested in history of modern China.

1 Introduction – about Xinjiang

2 The Pan Islamic Ideology

3 Yakub Beg Conquered Xinjiang as a “Foreigner”

4 Yakub Beg’s Internal Policies

5 Yakub Beg’s Foreign Policies

6 Conclusion

Work Cited Page

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