After today’s critique, I found that my work is so inconspicuous within all these colorful drawings and complex sculptures. Again I strongly feel the limitation of material and how hard to make a round shape. I feel now I understand why most of the things are triangle or square but like a circle. Speaking of a circle, it’s more like describing a community or a group of people, and it’s loose, easily be changed. Also in the nature world, a perfect circle as a shape usually does not exist. It always needs to depend on the other shapes, like flower pistil, petal, and leaves … even the sun or the moon which looks like a round shape, they are actually not perfect circles.

What I learned is that I need to plan carefully before I actually start to do it.  I should decide the material more carefully, and think about how to make it stable earlier. For example, maybe next time I need to search about what kind of material fits what kind of shape.

But the good thing is I actually make it stands up. Normally, with all these soft material I uses, especially the spiral in the center, it just falls down. I’m happy that I glue the right point to make the whole egg thing can really stand on the square paper plank.

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