Actually, I suppose to post this one on April 21st, but I miss it. So I guess I will just going to talk about what happened on my 3D project until now.

So at first, I’m viewing all the sculpture that on the assignment sheet. I found that people rarely use a circle or round shape. Then, as the professor’s encouraging, I went to search for more pictures of buildings and bridges. I found a very interesting artist, Isamu Noguchi. I love the way he uses curve. For example, these kinds of slides.

Basically, I want my sculpture can be a place that I would enjoy to stay at. It should be playful and interesting. So I chose spiral as the center of the design, and the outside should be round.

However, I couldn’t find a completely round shape balloon to make a ball shape shell. So I just make three separate semi-circle shape shell, hoping I can paste the spiral inside. But after I finished the shells, I found they were so thick that even the strongest light cannot make me see the inside. So I just paste a small floor on each of them and made the spiral through it, so that a part of the spiral would be on the outside and people can see it.

That’s what it looks like right now. However, I used a wrong material for the spiral, and it just cannot support the whole shell. So I used some tapes to control it to make it stands. There is also a foundation for it in order to make it stands.

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