I think the most successful part but also the most unsuccessful part is the letter’s color. I think about the color and the location of the letters for a very long time. In case the background color is too bright that drag people’s attention, I choose white and black as the main color. However, after I finished, I started to realize that the contrast of black and white can be distractive that people will first recognize the letter and then the lung. Maybe next time I will just leave the background completely white or black without any letter.

I think the most successful one is the “pussy power”. Because the letter’s color and the background has huge contrast, also the size of the letters is big enough, people can get the point really quickly.  The design of “B” and the banana “U” can be seen as interesting decoration make the letter more attractive. What’s more, there is a Guerrilla Girls’s photo, illustrate her point very well I think.

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