Documentation of Mixed Media Drewing Progress

My propaganda’s topic is stop smoking. In my hometown, Beijing, I have seen many posters about smoking, and recently there is a law banned indoor smoking. However, still many people smoking. Take my father as an example, although my mother and I persuaded him to quit smoking, he still smoke every day. Until one day he got to know that he has some problem in his heart, he started to quit smoking. So when I first think about this propaganda painting, I want to make a thing that can really impressive and really effective. A thing that can let my dad consider about quit smoking before his heart attack. Just tell people smoking is bad is not helpful. I want people to see the damage directly so that they will worry about their own health, and then consider about quit smoking.

Right now, I already decided the general composition of the poster, and already started to draw on the bigger paper. But there are two problems I sill need to think about: first, the location of letters; second, the color.

For the first problem, what I’m concerning is, how to balance the image and the letters, which means, let the viewer pay attention to the image and then impressed by the sentence again. I’m thinking whether to put the “Smoking damages your body” on the two sides of the paper OR on the bottom of the paper. Maybe I need to think about whether the dirty lungs is more impressive or is the “YOUR BODY” more impressive.

For the second problem, the color. I think the face should be relatively detailed portraited because people will recognize a human face first. Also, the comparison between the young face and the old face, in my opinion, is the most persuadable information on the poster. (I think I will spend a lot of time on deciding the color of the face). For the letter and the lung, the color is relatively simple. After solving the first problem, the color of this part will be easy to decide.

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