Midterm Critique 

After I finished this drawing, I felt I opened a door of a completely new world. After some many practices, with charcoal, pencil and all those materials, also after this, I feel kind of finally get some connection between me and drawing. I think I use all those material much better this time than the 6 drawings. For example, in the body of the whale, I tried to use charcoal to mimic the traditional Chinese brush painting approach. I may succeed, although I don’t know whether it’s appropriate here or not.

Another thing is, I’m really happy I some kind of jump out of the edge. Because at first I only thought about how to draw the view as exact and accurate as possible, my picture, compare with others, seemed so plain, deathly still, and lack of imagination. I’m happy that many classmates like the whale. It’s the whale gives the drawing some vitality I think.

What I feel I need to improve are the composition and shadowing.

For the composition, I think about adding a humpback whale there the day before the deadline, so the texture on the background I think it’s a little distractive. If I think about adding the whale earlier, I may put more detail on the whale or weaken the background to make the picture more contrast.

For shadowing, I think I really need more practice. When I drew this picture, even though I could see the view exactly, just out of the window, I still couldn’t determine where the light comes from. I couldn’t decide whether and how to shadowing on the brick wall.

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