The artist that I want to write about is Maya Lin (林璎), who is an artist, an architect, and an environmentalist. This is the link of all her work

I watched one of her interviews which talks about the preparation of exhibition “Here and There, 2013”. I think it is an exhibition of New York, but not really New York. It’s what a small part of the land on the Earth called New York. Maya Lin tries to use different material and formation to represent the nature of our land, like use pin to represent river’s basin, use a big stone to represent riverbed. Interestingly, She only represents facts. She said that if people stare at a map of a river, they still cannot understand the river intuitively. Lin represent what a river looks like by really careful calculation and measurement and research, and then use the most suitable material or kind of dramatic way like pins to show the river in both “dynamic state” and “static state”. So that people may through her art really feel the flow, feel its delicate, feel its power.

I really admire hers combination of art and science. Originally, I thought they are just two fields that completely separate. Her work is so dramatic and beautiful but at the same time, behind the art is her cold information and data that are warning to all human being – stop the war, stop the pollution.  Lin also think about history and future. She can stand at different views to represent. Old people can understand her art. Young people can understand her art as well. For me, her art compressed space and time. They are the art that presents humanity.



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