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The Dream
“The Dream” by Henri Rousseau [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This picture is a painting by Henri Rousseau. When I first saw it in primary school’s art class at about six or seven, I was attracted by the exotic scene of the painting. Though it’s just on the textbook, it looks like a completely different world from mine, so far away. But when I saw it in MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the actual painting is much bigger than I thought, and there is kind of peaceful magic of the painting seems will draw me into the scene. It’s like when I glanced at it, I was in a dream of a jungle.

The first thing I saw is the girl lying naked. She looks both in and out of the jungle. Though she gazing over the landscape, but she is so different from the background, and the sofa is so modern and abrupt. Maybe it’s her dream. Then I look into the “background”, flower, plant, grass… but there are so many things hidden between them—birds, monkeys, an elephant, a lion and lioness, and a snake. Also, there is a black man who faces the viewer playing his flute, barely visible. They are strangers, but to my surprise, I feel kind of familiar and don’t afraid at all.

For me, the dream is a painting, but more than a painting. If I stare at a photo of a jungle, I will not feel so close and vivid. This painting revoked me a sense of natural human being and a calling from our original homeland. In addition, I the kind of person that would like to record dreams (if I can still remember them after awake). When telling other people or just review the dreams, it’s like reading a review of an immersive theatre. I really enjoy dreaming and review my dreams.

Three words to describe my personality: Curious, Empathetic, Critical

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