About Me and the Portfolio

Hello, my name is Xiyuan Wu. I come from Beijing and currently a senior student at Agnes Scott College, Atlanta. I’m majoring in International Relations and focusing on the theme of Post-Colonial. At the same time, gender and sustainability are also themes I’m interested in.


This portfolio posts some assignments that I have done during my undergraduate period, which you can also find in the navigation. The Art class prepared me with basic knowledge of creating art piece and review; the Politics class prepared with me basic knowledge of politics theories and analytical approach; the English class and the travel to Ireland prepared me with basic knowledge of literature critics; the History class prepared me with basic knowledge of historical analyze approach… there are many courses I took in these four years that I have not posted here yet, such as Education class and Japanese class. I believe all these undergraduate courses prepared with as a comprehensive liberal arts student, and no matter which social science or humanity area I choose for graduate school, these courses will be really helpful for my graduate research.


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